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Director Mirjam Orthen
DOP Bernd Effenberger
Screenplay Mirjam Orthen
Cast Sitare Akbas, Can Evrenol, Rezzan Diniz, Emircan Kahyeri, Deniz Celliloglu
Broadcaster BR
Commissioning Editor Martin Kowalczyl, Natalie Lambsdorf, Hubert von Spreti
Co-Producer HFF, BR, Dilek Aydin
Category Features

A yearning is driving Ada from Munich to Istanbul. She is visiting Erhan, the man she’s left behind when she went back to her home country Germany a year ago. There still is a sense of intimacy between them, but their attempted reconnection does not quite work for them. That’s when Erhan’s friend Mohac shows up. Ada is attracted by his childlike and simultaneous manly charme, his directness and devotion to life which seems to satisfy her lust for it. While she rushes headlong in this passionate love affair, she is confronted with topics she tried to free herself from all of her life.