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Winter Wonderland

Director Korbinian Dufter
DOP Tim Kuhn
Screenplay Korbinian Dufter
Editor Anja Pohl
Category Shorts

A dark comedy in a ski resort - inspired by a true story.

Herberth, 52, (Michael Thomas) is broke. “Yoga &Snow” courses was his big start-up dream, but a rival got there first. On his last day of work he sits together with the young skiing instructor Max (David Mesmer) in the snowplough; they roll the gymnastic balls down to the station. Max unauthorised companion is the good time girl Jeanette (Teresa Rizos). And what’s more she has had far too much to drink. Rather tipsy she offers Herbert a blow job. He doesn’t decline the offer, meanwhile he rams into a skier. Instead of helping the injured man, Herbert and Max in fact kill him by accident.

When the ski resort’s junior boss (head) (Julia Jelinek) finds out about the accident, it is clear to her: An injured skier is poison for the ski resort’s Disneyland PR. She gets rid of the body without further a do. Pricked by his conscience Herbert wants to report the accident the next day. But it turns out that the three aren't alone in knowing about the dead body. The whole village has already ganged up against him…