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Director Daria Onyshchenko
DOP Erol Zubcevic
Screenplay Daria Onyshchenko & Miroslav Mandic
Editor Andre Bendocchi-Alves
Cast Nina Nidzeradze, Karl Markovics, Vuk Kostic, Georg Friedrich, Lea Mornar, Marija Skaricic, Ivan Dobronravov, Viktoria Varlej
Co-Producer 435 Films, See Film Pro
Awards / Festivals Internationale Filmfestspiele Hof 2012: Opening Film
Filmkunst Förderpreis Szenenbild
Molodist Kyiv International Filmfestival 2012
International Filmfestival Bratislava 2012
Tallinn Black Nights International Filmfestival 2012
Tbilisi International Filmfestival 2012
Camerimage 2012
Vilnius International Filmfestival 2013
Filmfestival Türkei/ Deutschland 2013
Spirit of Fire International Debut Filmfestival 2013: Prize of the Russian Critics Association
goEast Filmfestival 2013
Sehsüchte Internationales Filmfestival 2013: Producer's Award
Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2013: Producers Award
Lubuskie Lato Filmowe 2013: Bronze Dove
Avanca Film Festival 2013: Best Feature, Best Actor for Karl Markovics
Category Features

Ruslana, a middle-aged Ukrainian, lives a lonely life in Munich. Just when she fails her German exam yet again and a broken pipe in her self-made “Samogon” distillery floods her modest home, her luck changes when her serbian neighbour Vladan, comes to her rescue and overcomes her language barrier with his Slavic soul. Having given up his boxing career to start a new living in Germany for the sake of his ex-wife, he now has been left with nothing after their divorce.

Bogdan Ruslana’s son, has been working as a driver for spoiled Ukrainian pop-singer Maria in Kiev. Both rely on her rich patron Jora. Bogdan is sick of them both, throws in his job and leaves Maria stuck in a traffic jam. He goes for a last drink with his friends before leaving for his mother. Drunk and jealous he turns back at the station and passes Maria at the concert venue. After a big argument, he accompanies her home. They spend the night together, but the next morning Marias patron stands in front of the door.

Zoran, Vladan’s son, could never forgive his parents for their divorce. He has returned to Belgrade, where, together with his girlfriend Aida, he lives a simple but satisfying life. When he witnesses local mafia pressing “farewell” money, he meets Jelena, the indecisive but loveable wife of the austrian restaurant owner Günther. But Jelena intends to leave her homeland the next day, forever. This night, Zoran succeeds in opening her eyes to a new Belgrade - a city full of hopes and dreams.

Three cities. Three Love-Stories. One night in Europe.