Director Stefan Ruzowitzky, Michael Krummenacher
DOP Benedict Neuenfels, Jakob Wiessner
Screenplay Rafael Parente, Benjamin Seiler, Peter Kocyla
Editor Britta Nahler, Stine Sonne Munch
Cast Christiane Paul, Mark Waschke, Lena Klenke, Claude Heinrich, Fabian Hinrichs, Devid Striesow, Luisa Gaffron, Murathan Muslu, Nora Waldstätten, David Schütter, Henry Hübchen
Broadcaster Sky
Awards / Festivals Berlinale
Category Series

From the POV of an Average Joe Family, we tell the story of the last eight days before an asteroid impact. Realistic, believable and thus all the more frightening. Hidden and familiar conflicts break out and intensify as the disaster looms.

EIGHT DAYS tell us the story of a world we‘ve never seen before: People suddenly can break the speed limit at will, have wild unprotected sex, do all the drugs they want, shop with no money, live without working, love with no consequences – but in the end, the only thing that matters is: What‘s really important to you in your final days and hours?